Counselling can enable people to find a way through issues of depression, anxiety disorders and stress.

Our counsellors offer a safe and confidential environment to enable you to gain more insight and understanding, and work towards change. Counselling can help you move forward. Counsellors do not give advice or tell you what to do. Instead, we offer conditions that can help you to find a way through life’s challenges.

Our counsellors will not judge you. A lot of the work we do involves listening, but we are also actively involved in helping you reveal new understanding about yourself, spotting patterns you may have missed, and helping you break habits of thinking and feeling that are not helpful to you.

Counselling room
Plant in studio room

There is no single point in life when people turn towards counselling, but it is often when confronted by some sense of not being able to move forward, or change. Significant events such as bereavement and loss, ill health, relationship difficulties, questioning who one is or feeling unable to get over past events are common reasons for seeking a counsellor. Depression and anxiety are often present and can be difficult to work through alone.

Often people are not sure what is bothering them but want to explore thoughts and feelings that may have led them to feel stuck, lose a sense of who they are or to discover a greater meaning to their life.

Our counsellors can help you make better sense of what’s happening in your life. You will learn more about yourself, examine what your needs are, and decide what’s really important to you.

Our team of qualified counsellors are fully insured, registered members of professional bodies; BACP, UKCP and COSCA and work to their ethical frameworks. Our counsellors are independent, self-employed therapists and you contract directly with the therapist you choose to work with.

As well as face to face therapy, we are able to offer some online sessions.