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Helena Trebar

Gestalt Psychotherapy Senior Trainee

A decline of one’s sense of wellbeing can be caused by and often leads to greater disconnect and displacement. Certain coping strategies or habits may have ceased in bringing relief and are instead hindering the possibility of living in a more spontaneous way.

Gestalt psychotherapy relies heavily on the exploration of the immediate experience – the here and now which we have access to. How one relates to the world is unavoidably recreated in the therapy room. Observing this, I gently encourage the growth of clients’ awareness: I actively participate in the process of gaining greater embodied experience; examine relationally the sense of power and powerlessness; and explore needs and wants that, at this moment in time, seem impossible to fulfil.

I offer therapy to those seeking support while navigating through a significant change in their life as well as those struggling with certain psychological difficulties that seem to have no apparent cause.

I’m in final stages of completing the four-year taught programme of gestalt psychotherapy post-graduate diploma via the GPTI (Gestalt Psychotherapy & Training Institute). As well as seeing clients privately, I have been engaged in an ongoing therapeutic practice at a charitable counselling service in Edinburgh since 2019. I am registered as a trainee member of UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) and subscribe to their code of ethics – my work is supported by regular individual and group supervision. I practise inclusion and welcome diversity.